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Principal Dancer
Yoga Instructor
Ballet Coach

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About Me.

Constance Devernay-Laurence is a Principal dancer, yoga instructor and ballet coach currently working internationally.


Born in Amiens, France, Constance joined the Scottish Ballet in 2008 after graduating from English National Ballet School. She was promoted to Soloist in 2014 and to Principal dancer in 2016.


Throughout her career, Constance Devernay-Laurence has performed a wide range of classical and contemporary roles, dancing the works of renowned choreographers such as Kenneth MacMillan, David Dawson, George Balanchine, Christopher Bruce, Peter Darrell, Crystal Pite, Christopher Hampson and Helen Pickett.


Her ability to embody the emotional depth of each character and translate it into breathtaking movements has captivated audiences worldwide in many ballets, including Swan Lake, Mayerling, Coppélia, The Snow Queen, The Nutcracker, and more. 

Recognized for her impeccable technique, expressive range, and radiant stage presence, Constance has received accolades and critical acclaim throughout her career, notably 2 national dance awards nominations and won the 2022 National Dance Critics Circle Award for Best Female Classical Performance for her role of Swanilda in Coppélia. Her performances have left a lasting impression on audiences, who are moved by her grace, precision, and ability to convey profound emotions through dance.

While Constance's primary focus is her career as a principal dancer, she is also passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring dancers. Through masterclasses and workshops, she imparts her wisdom, nurturing the next generation of talent and inspiring them to reach new heights in their own dance journeys.

Most recently she became the co-director of Ballet Grand Prix, Scotland a ballet competition which takes place in Dundee and supports the further training of young dancers and offers them a platform to learn and perform. 

Constance has been practising Yoga alongside her career and passed her Yoga Level 3 Instructor diploma in 2018. 

Constance recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sport, Fitness and Coaching and teaches all-level ballet classes and workshops. 

Her next performances will be at BALLET NIGHTS, in London on September 29th & 30th and October 27th & 28th Book your tickets via this link:

‘Constance Devernay-Laurence is a plucky steely-precise, so lightning-fast are her turns’

Jess and Morg, Coppélia

‘Devernay is now dramatically at the top of her game and the company – just stunning.’

Helen Pickett, The Crucible

‘Constance Devernay, as the Snow Queen, dances with effortless elegance, and her elevation in the batterie and amazing flexibility are a pleasure to watch.’
Peter Darrell, The Nutcracker



Offering exceptional ballet masterclasses for aspiring dancers of all ages and skill levels.

Constance and her team of dance artists, who have years of professional experience in the ballet industry, will guide you through immersive and transformative training sessions. With a focus on technique, artistry, and performance, our masterclasses and workshops provide a unique opportunity to refine your ballet skills, learn new choreography, and elevate your dance abilities to new heights.

Please get in touch to experience the joy of ballet in an inspiring and supportive learning environment.

Next event: Summer workshops on 10th September, at Dancebase in Edinburgh. 

For dancers aged 11 to 19 years old. 

Book here:

Join Constance in captivating ballet classes and personalised one-to-one coaching.

Whether you are a beginner or seeking to refine your technique, these classes are catered to dancers of all levels and ages. Constance will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum, focusing on proper form, grace, and musicality.

For those seeking individual attention, our one-to-one coaching sessions offer a tailored experience, allowing you to accelerate your progress and receive personalised feedback.


Get in touch to unleash your full potential as a ballet dancer.

Offering invigorating online or in-person yoga classes and immersive workshops to help you cultivate harmony and balance in your mind, body, and spirit.
Constance will guide you through a variety of yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin, catering to practitioners of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, these classes provide a sanctuary for self-discovery and holistic wellness. In addition to our regular classes, our transformative workshops delve deeper into specific aspects of yoga, allowing you to explore new techniques, deepen your practice, and connect with a like-minded community.

Get in touch to embark on a transformative journey of self-care and embrace the transformative power of yoga.

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